۱) Czech Technical University in Prague

Curriculum 120 ECTS credits:

Analysis and Prevention of Traffic Accidents, 2 ECTS
Energy Analysis of Land Carriage, 2 ECTS
Identification Systems, 2 ECTS
Telematic Systems and their Design, 6 ECTS
Pattern Recognition, 3 ECTS
Data Processing, 3 ECTS
Economy and Management of ITS Projects, 3 ECTS
Technological Aspects of Quality, 2 ECTS
ITS Mathematical Tools, 4 ECTS
Theoretical Physics in Transportation, 3 ECTS
Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems in Transport, 2 ECTS
Intelligent Vehicle and Safety, 2 ECTS
Risk Analysis and Management, 2 ECTS
Traffic Modelling and Simulation, 4 ECTS
Traffic Flow Theory, 3 ECTS
Telecommunications in ITS, 3 ECTS
Signals and Codes, 4 ECTS
Control System Theory and Reliability in Transportation, 4 ECTS
Information Security, 2 ECTS
Master’s Project 1, 2 ECTS
Master’s Project 2, 2 ECTS
Geographical Information Localization and Navigation Systems, 6 ECTS
Systems Engineering, 3 ECTS
Applied Mathematical Modeling, 4 ECTS
Transport and Environment, 2 ECTS
Road Safety Audit, 2 ECTS
Modelling of HMI, 3 ECTS
ITS Effectiveness Assessment, 2 ECTS
Advanced Telematic Applications / RailwayInterlocking Systems / Vehicle Control Systems, 2 ECTS
Safety Critical Applications in Transport /Special Materials and Technology, 2 ECTS
Master’s Project 3, 4 ECTS
Master’s Project 4, 8 ECTS
Master’s Thesis, 22 ECTS
Student projects for the “Intelligent Transport Systems” study field in the academic year 2013/2014

Signal Analysis of the Traffic Data

Software Tools for Image Processing of Infrared Camera Measurements

Technology for Close Space

Virtual Reality in Transportation


Human – Machine Interaction

Computational Mechanics in Transport

Sattelite Navigation and Practical Use in the Transportation

Maps and GIS

Krkonošské Metro – Faculty Railway

Driver Vigilance Monitoring

Traffic Models and Traffic Control

Application of Control Systems

Laboratory of Transport Technics

ITS and Environment

۲) University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien, Austria

Curriculum 120 ECTS credits:

Transportation Systems, 3 ECTS
Public Transport, 1.5 ECTS
Technologies in transport, 1.5 ECTS
ITS in Rail, Water and Airborne Transportation, 4.5 ECTS
Traffic Telematics, 1.5 ECTS
Sensorics, 3 ECTS
Algorithms and data structure and soft computing (Artificial Intelligence), 3 ECTS
Management and leadership, 3 ECTS
Law, 3 ECTS
Discrete Mathematics, 3 ECTS
Operational research, 3 ECTS
Required Elective Module, 6 ECTS
Transportation Modeling and Simulation, 6 ECTS
Telecommunications, 3 ECTS
Mobile Telecommunication and Network Technology, 3 ECTS
Embedded Systems, 4.5 ECTS
Distributed Systems, 1.5 ECTS
ITS Project 1, 6 ECTS
Positioning, Navigation and Identification Systems, 3 ECTS
Geographic Information Systems, 3 ECTS
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, 1.5 ECTS
Cooperative Systems, 1.5 ECTS
Logistics and Fleet Management, 1.5 ECTS
ITS system Architecture, 1.5 ECTS
Safety and Sustainability, 3 ECTS
Traffic Psychology and Human machine interface, 3 ECTS
Dependable Systems, 3 ECTS
Transport Economy, 1.5 ECTS
ITS Project 2, 1.5 ECTS
ITS Project 3, 6 ECTS
Graduate Seminar, 6 ECTS
Supervision-Master’s Thesis, 6 ECTS
Master’s Thesis, 18 ECTS
۳) Linkoping’s University, Sweden

Curriculum 120 ECTS credits:

The program starts in August each year and consists of 1.5 years (3 semesters) of course work. Following this, the students will undertake a six months (one semester) research project concluding with an open presentation of a Master’s thesis.


The first semester contains the following courses:


Transport and Logistics Systems, 6 ECTS
Traffic Safety Management, 6 ECTS
Geographical Information Systems in Transportation, 6 ECTS
Computer Networks, 6 ECTS
Optimization, 6 ECTS

The second semester contains the following courses:


Mobile Communication and Networks, 6 ECTS
Traffic Planning and Simulation, 6 ECTS
Logistics Networks and Transports, 6 ECTS
Traffic Demand Modeling*, 6 ECTS
Logistics Resource Planning*, 6 ECTS
Wireless Communication Systems*, 6 ECTS

The third semester contains the following courses:


Project Management, 6 ECTS
Positioning Systems, 6 ECTS
Traffic Engineering and Control*, 6 ECTS
Applied Optimization I*, 6 ECTS
Analysis of Communication and Transport Systems, 6 ECTS
Applied Optimization II*, 6 ECTS

The fourth semester is devoted to the Master Thesis (30 ECTS).


۴) Newcastle University, UK

Program’s Title: Transport Planning and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), MSc

۱۲ months full time; 24 months part time

Compulsory modules

Road Safety
Field Class – Transport
Transport Policy and Legislation
Transport Modeling and Forecasting
Appraisal of Transports Schemes
Traffic Flow and Control
Intelligent Transport Systems
Transport Research Methods
Transport Planning and Smarter Mobility
ITS Policy, Practice and Implementation
ITS Technologies, Systems and Implementation
MSc Project and Dissertation in Transport

۵) University of Leuven – KU Leuven- Belgium

Program’s Title: Master of Engineering: Traffic, Logistics and Intelligent Transport Systems (Leuven)

Introductory Courses:

۶ ECTS Decision Making for Industrial Management
۶ ECTS Transportation Planning
۵ ECTS Operational Management
Core Courses:

۴ ECTS Geographic Information Systems
۳ ECTS Integration of Transport Infrastructure Planning and Spatial Planning
۳ ECTS Public Transportation, Design and Management
۳ ECTS Traffic and Transport Safety
۶ ECTS Statistical models and data analysis
۳ ECTS Distribution Logistics
۶ ECTS Transport Models
۳ ECTS Supply Chain Engineering
۶ ECTS Integrated Practicum 1: Organization of Logistics and Transportation
۶ ECTS Environmental and Transportation Economics
۶ ECTS Intelligent Transportation Systems
۳ ECTS Freight Transport Management
۶ ECTS Integrated practicum 2: Dynamic Traffic Management
Elective courses:

۱۳ ECTS From the General Elective course list
Master’s Thesis:

۲۴ ECTS Master’s Thesis
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